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Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Look BIGGER

A small master bath is hard to market when your looking to sell your home, and it can also be inconvenient for you to live with! There are ways that can help you make it look bigger, feel more spacious and be more functional.

Obviously you must include the basics such as your sink, faucet, shower or bath. But there are many design options you can easily implement to make your small, cramped bathroom feel nice and spacious!

So lets begin:

1. Dont pair dark colors and light colors it will visually chop up your small space, try to keep everything the same tone.

2. Next, paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, this creates a visual that allow the room to expand. 

3. Going with the same theme in trick #2, match your wall color to you tile color as well, its ok for it to be a different sahde fo the same color, or think about mismatching everyother tile with a different tone of the same color.

4. If youre thinking about a tiled shower, make sure to take it all the way to the ceiling, this will follow the theme of fewer transitions that allows for a more expansive feel.

5. Instead of a shower curtain think about using glass, a shower curtain can create a visual barrier within the room.

6. When picking out a mirror think BIG! A mirror that reaches to the ceiling with make your small bathroom feel much bigger and will cause double the impact of lighting!

7. Last but not least, let in as much natural light as possible - instead of covering windows in dark shades think about using a translucent windows shade or a decorative matte window tint.

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