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Holiday Decorating - Safety First!

How to Decorate Safely this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is upon us, which means it’s time to…decorate! Whether you’re purchasing your first set of lights or dusting off your storage bins, make sure you’re hanging those stockings with care. Keep reading to see our list of safety measures that are sure to keep your days Merry & Bright this Holiday Season!


  • Candles: Candle fires triple during the holidays.  Make sure to blow out your candles and keep them away from flammable decorations.

  • Heat Source: When choosing the perfect place for your decorations, make sure they’re at least 3ft from an active heat source.  Specifically, if you’re hanging décor from the mantle DON’T light the fire place.

  • Christmas Trees: If you have a Christmas tree this holiday season, make sure to place it away from sources of heat.  With a live tree, water it daily to ensure it stays fresh.  If you are buying an artificial tree, check to make sure it has a fire-resistant label. 

  • Batteries: Whether you are stocking up on extras, or using them for decorations, make sure batteries are stored and placed away from small children and pets.


  • Inspect: Before jumping in to hanging your lights, check to see they aren’t frayed or broken.  A helpful tip – after you approve inspection, plug them in to make sure they all work! 

  • Extension Cords: When placing lights outside, first make sure your extension cords are outside friendly.  When it’s time to connect the lights, never connect more than 3 strands.  Lastly, don’t overuse electrical outlets with multiple cords, this can cause an electrical fire!

  • Ladder: A ladder is a helpful tool to place decorations or lights in those hard-to-reach spaces.  Before climbing up, make sure it’s in good condition, placed in a sturdy location, and that you’re wearing correct footwear!  

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