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Blog :: 12-2017

Fresh Start for the New Year!

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The holiday season is winding down and we prepare for another year ahead of us. Why not get a fresh start to the year in your home? Read below to get a few tips on how to kick off the New Year to a sparkly tune!

Get Rid of Clutter

There's no better way of starting fresh than getting rid of extra stuff! Nothing can make you feel more frazzled than having your home feel out-of-sorts. A clean home with less also looks less shabby and more put together. Start by getting rid of stuff you no longer use/ want and either donate, sell, or recycle. This could include old children's toys, random knick-knacks, CDs, DVDs, etc., that take up unnecessary space. For things you must keep, try creative storing strategies like woven baskets or an updated storage ottoman to open up space while providing functionality.

Change Your Lighting

Mood lighting, anyone? Lighting can have a significant impact on how each room feels in your home. Bright, overhead lights are exhausting and make it hard to relax. You can soften the scene by adding a pair of vintage lamps to your living room. Perhaps investing in sconces for your entryways/hallways could do the trick. Maybe your kitchen could use a pendant light (or two). Dimmer switches are also a great investment where possible. There are many ways where lighting tweaks can better serve in your quest to wind down after a hard day's work.

Simple Changes

You don't have to break the bank to give your home a nice pick-me-up. Try something bold like a beautiful accent wall in the living room. Why not spice up those kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint? Something as simple as adding a few accent pieces, like a tasteful set of vases, a new painting, or a fresh set of curtains, can add that little pizzazz your home has been craving. Adding a mirror or two can help add a fresh level of dimension to you home as well.



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    Last Minute Holiday Decorating Tips: Ho, Ho, Home for the Holidays!

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    Ho, Ho, Home for the Holidays!

    'Tis the season of joy and song, but also the season of madness and mayhem! Rushing around can leave you with little time to prepare your home for the festivities. If time has gotten the best of you this holiday season then use these quick tips to make your home merry and bright!

    1. Make a Holiday Card Display - Holiday cards are automatic decorations! Use a thread and some clothespins to string them together and hang them wherever a touch of holiday cheer is needed.

    2. Jingle Bells for Your Doorknob - a couple of bells and a few of sprigs of spruce tied up with a pretty ribbon add a nice touch of holiday flair as guests enter your home.

    3. Garland with Lights - a quick and easy fix! Wrap around a banister or hang over a mantelpiece. Violá! 

    4. Festive Wreaths - get creative and hang fresh wreaths inside of your home. The smell of spruce will enhance on the holiday spirit.

    5. Little Details - place a few pine cones and some ornaments into a bowl to create a simple side-table holiday accent. A beautiful poinsettia can make a wonderful holiday table center piece as well. 


    Don't forget, the most important decoration of all is being surrounded by those you love most!

    Happy holidays from Geri Reilly Real Estate!


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      Holiday Curb Appeal: Make Your Home Shine for the Season

      The weather is getting colder and the days are getting grayer. Don't let the gray get you down, 'Tis the season to sparkle and glow! A great way to feel that light is by focusing on brightening your home.

      Take a look at the infographic below for tips on sprucing up your home's exterior to shine along with the festivities. It will bring a twinkle to your eye (and prospective buyers' too!).


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