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How to Sell Your Home FASTER!

First impressions are huge. As a seller, you need to prepare your property so it is welcoming to prospective buyers. Prior to listing the property, you should get your house in its best possible shape and keep it that way throughout the selling process. By following these tips, you are more likely impress the buyers and sell your house sooner. Here are some areas to pay close attention to:

  1. Curb Appeal: Clean up the property outside. Rake the leaves, mow the lawn, and prune the bushes. People are turned off when exteriors are messy even if the interior is not.
  2. Minor Repairs and Improvements: If you see something in the house that could potentially turn someone away, fix it. Fix water stains, wall paper, creaky hinges, chipping paint, holes in walls, and clean the carpets. If you have a room that might not appeal to the majority of buyers, for instance a purple room, paint it white.
  3. Spring Clean (no matter what time of year): Clean windows, walls, and floors. Pay close attention to kitchens and bathrooms. You'll want to make sure they are as immaculate as possible. Buyers pay close attention to areas that involve personal hygiene.
  4. Minimize Clutter, Maximize Space: Create the illusion of space in smaller rooms. One way to do this is to put bulky furniture into storage. Also, get rid of clutter. Put magazines into boxes, organize paperwork that might be lying around, clear the refrigerator door of drawings and pictures, box up toys, and make sure the kitchen counter isn't cluttered with unnecessary items.
  5. Icing the Cake: It is always nice to put thoughtful touches around the house. Some ideas area:
    • Put out fresh soap and towels in the bathroom.
    • Display flowers- inside or out
    • Turn on peaceful background music for showings.
    • Have a candle burning during showings.
    • Make sure each room has enough light.
    • Display photographs of your home during other seasons.

For additional tips on how to sell your home faster, contact us.