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Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Outdoor Space, and Make Your Home Look Great!

With the cold Vermont winter behind us, sunny days are upon us with warm weather and flowers blooming. Spring is the perfect time to take part in the cleaning tasks inside and outside your home that you have been unable to do or simply just not wanting to do. Spring cleaning can make your home look fresh and new which can be very helpful if you are looking to sell your home. Even if you’re not looking to sell, it’s a wonderful way to start your Spring! Keep reading to learn about some easy Spring outdoor cleaning tasks that can really change the look of your home.

Start With a Good Wash

The first task you can do is give all external surfaces of your home a nice power wash. Power washing your deck, front porch, chimney and siding is a sure-fire way to make your home look fresh and clean especially if there is grim and build up that has accumulated over the years. When it comes to the sides of your home this is an easy way to brighten up, you’re siding without having to give it a new paint job which can become rather expensive and time consuming. Get your power washing done in the spring so that your home looks fresh and clean during the entire duration of the summer for you to enjoy!

Update Those Flower Beds

Over the winter your flower beds and bushes can take a beating and get filled with a lot of trash and debris. Make sure this Spring that you give you flower beds a little TLC. A new layer of mulch, trimming your bushes and planting some new bright flowers can really make your home look more welcoming for both you and your guests. This might sound simplistic but it is probably the best way to personalize your home while at the same time making it a more welcoming environment.

Don’t forget the Backyard

Especially if you are looking to sell your home, don’t forget the importance of a well decorated and maintained backyard. If you keep your outdoor furniture out during the winter it can get very dirty so while you have that power washer out don’t forget to give your outdoor furniture a good hose down. If it seems to be dingy and needing an update see if it is within your budget to get a few new pieces of furniture. Not only will the “clean look” appeal to potential buyer if you’re looking to sell, but for your own person usage, it will make your space feel more welcoming and relaxing. Don’t forget to bring that flower bed maintenance to the back as well, clean up the mulch with a fresh layer, plant some beautiful flowers, give your shrubs a little trim and maybe get some cute lawn decorations that please you. With COVID and having to be in lockdown people have grown fonder of this outdoor space, so make it your own!

Home Selling in 2022- Trends & What to Do

2021 was an all time record-breaking year for the housing market in the United States. Along with that, it was a sellers market, and not much is expected to change for this year (2022). While the housing market is at an all time high, mortgage rates are at an all time low, leaving home buyers wanting to take advantage of this opportunity. Whether or not you’re a seasoned home seller or selling a home for the first time, here are step-by-step instructions to help you sell your home and make it stand out.

Make Repairs & Small Updates:

Making small repairs and updates to your home before you show it is an easy way to please potential buyers, along with attract them to your home. This is a sure way to assure your home's value along with adding to the overall value of your home. 

Understand the market's current trends

There are some home design trends that really made their headway this past year such as a new kitchen, quartz countertops, an office and recessed lighting, these were the top 4 most valuable home trends for buyers in the past year. The pandemic really impacted our lives in many ways but it definitely changed the wants of buyers all around the United States. The reason being more people spending long periods of time in their homes, and wanting their home to be able to completely accommodate their wants and needs. While many of us were isolated in our homes during this time, many picked up new hobbies and activities such as baking, making the want of a new updated kitchen and beautiful quartz countertops so high up on that list of desired trends for buyers. 

Needless to say, many jobs also went remote and stayed that way making the need for a home office space less of a trend and more of a necessary space in peoples homes. If you're trying to sell your home and you have a small room that could be converted to and staged as an office do so, before listing and showing your home. If your home doesn’t have a room that can easily be transformed into an office space, even an extra area beneath a staircase can easily be designed into an office space with a small desk, a chair and a few decorations.

The great outdoors

Another way the pandemic has changed the needs of home buyers is their desire to have a nice welcoming outdoor space. Again, with many of us not being able to leave our homes due to the pandemic many of us got used to enjoying the outdoor accommodations of our homes and grew to value them more during this time. Home buyers now are prioritizing their outdoor spaces, so make sure to spruce these areas up a little bit before listing your home. You can make your home stand out by simply mowing your lawn, power washing the deck and the external siding of your home, trimming your hedges, planting some flowers and maybe even putting some fresh mulch in your flowerbeds. If you don’t have the time to do these things, consider hiring a landscaping company. 

Let there be light!

A poorly lit home can really damage the entire feel of your home. A dark home automatically appear smaller, dirty and more cramped even when the home might be very spacious and welcoming. There are plenty of quick and easy ways to brighten your home without hurting your wallet. Try changing out all old light bulbs with the new LED light bulbs (these also use less electricity, therefore save you money and helping the environment), add mirrors to reflect natural light within the home, paint any dark walls white or a nice neutral color, and add additional light sources such a fun lamps and recessed lights which we just learned is another desired trend of the year.

Get Rid of That Clutter:

This is probably the biggest importance when prepping your home to be sold. A cluttered home can be very unwelcoming and can also immediately deter potential buyers into even considering your home for purchase. If you're asking what do you do with your belongings so that you can declutter, renting a small storage unit for a few months has grown increasingly popular for this purpose. This way, you have already gotten some of the moving process out of the way as well prior to selling your home. Another thing you can do if you decide that you actually don’t need the additional items, is donate them that way you are also helping a family that might not be able to afford furniture for their home on their own. It’s important to declutter your home for many reasons, to much clutter leads to making your spaces look smaller along  with making it more difficult for potential buyers to envision their belongings within specific living spaces in your home. Along with subtracting any unnecessary clutter, it's a good idea to get rid of any personal and family photos you have placed throughout your home. When people see personal photos it makes it even harder for potential buyers to remove the idea that they are walking through a family's house as opposed to their prospective home.

Home Staging Tips:

  • Deep clean your home: Nothing is more of a deterrent to buyers than an unwelcoming dirty home. Make sure before any photos are taken of your home or any showing take place that your home has a fresh cleaning done to it. Vacuum, dust, clean windows, scrub countertops and bathroom spaces.

  • Add refreshing aspects: Adding white towels to the bathrooms, flowers around the house and lighting a few scented candles can really create a welcoming and fresh feeling to your home. 

  • Arrange furniture: An easy way to revamp your home to be on the market is by simply moving furniture around. Move unnecessary and bulky furniture out of your home and just keep the essentials. If you have too much furniture in your home, it makes the rooms look smaller and adds to that cluttered feeling.

  • Highlight those floors: A home's floors are a key feature to any home and are one of the main things a home buyer looks at and considers when looking for their new home. Hardwood floors are a big turn-on for a lot of potential buyers in today's market, make sure if you have hardwood floors to show them off! Remove any area rugs off the floors along with any large furniture that is unnecessary so people can get a view of the hardwood. If you want to take this extra step, polish your floors before showing days to really make those floors pop! 

  • Organize closets: People very often look into closets to see how much space there is in there, and if it will fit all of their clothing and other belongings. If your closet is messy this will make your closet look smaller and frankly will immediately make them shut the door and look away. Lack of closet space can very well deter a buyer into placing an offer. 

Pack Up The Furry Family Members

For the peace of mind of your pets, Real Estate agents and potential buyers it's best that you bring your furry friends to a different location during showing times. A lot of people in and out of your home can stress a cat or dog out, you also don't want your agent to have to worry about accidentally letting an animal out and having to be liable for that. If you have a dog and lock them away in a crate or room, more often than not the dog will bark and no one wants to hear the ear piercing sound of a dog's bark when trying to view a home. It’s best for the safety and well being of your fur babies and everyone else involved, to bring your pets to a different location. 

Play Some Relaxing Music

Last but not least play some toons for the views to enjoy. Make sure it's something relaxing, calming and upbeat music. This is a simple touch but it can really make your home stand out along with adding a relaxing and tranquil feel to your home. If you have a unique system to play your music off of even better, bring out a record player to be a quaint visual, along with providing a unique sound to your home.



Selling Your House in a Sellers Market? Here's Some Staging Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out Above the Rest.

Getting your home picture perfect ready takes more than cleaning the counters, organizing your living room space, making the bed, vacuuming and picking up the backyard. With today’s market it's more important than ever to make sure you stage your home in order for it to stand out amongst the other homes on the market. The right staging can boost your homes showing, people's interest in your home, and inevitably get you a higher buying price on your home. Keep reading to find out why staging is a critical piece of selling your home, and some easy tips to help get your home sold.

Clean and white living room- staging your home

What is a Sellers Market?

Simply put a sellers market is when there is a higher demand of homebuyers looking for a new home then there are houses listed on the market. This normally equates to higher home prices, and more cut throat bidding wars for homes. This is the time period where the home sellers have the upper hand on how much they get for their home, and some aren't afraid to wait for the perfect offer. 

A Staged Home Results in Better Photos

Your listing photos are what makes your home stand out above the others when people are scrolling through real estate websites. A new listing tends to get three times the views in its first week of being live on the market, and 85% of buyers say that photos are the most important aspect that draw them into being interested in looking and purchasing a home. In short, your listing photos are a first impression and it’s important that sellers do what they can to obtain the best listing photos possible. 

Depersonalize So Your Buyers Can Visualize

It’s hard for people to buy a home if they can’t see themselves living within the home during the initial showing. Make sure to take down any personal photos or possessions off the wall, countertops and shelving. It’s hard for potential buyers to see themselves in your space and purchase your home when they feel like they are viewing someone else's home obviously it is but, when selling you want to try to avoid that feeling. Make it easy for the potential buyers to envision their family photos and personal items up on the wall and shelving while viewing your home. It also helps if you declutter your home, take down any fixtures or any other items of décor that aren't necessary. This further allows them to envision their belongings in the living spaces instead of yours, when there are less items in the room it make is much easier to do so.  The more an individual can envision their personal items in your home and where they might put them, the more they are inclined to make an offer.

Organize your furniture

Make It a Home

It’s important to evoke that feeling of “home” for your potential buyers as they walk through your house. Staging a home with more modern and clean furniture and accessories can do so much for your home's appearance and overall appeal to potential buyers. Try to move your furniture around your home, if you don’t have the money to invest in a few new items to help the sale. It sometimes can be as easy as moving some furniture around your home into different locations to give your home a cleaner and revamped vibe. 

Avoid Dark Colors and Future In Your Home

It’s best to avoid dark paints, and furniture when staging your home for marketing purposes. Darker colors can make a space look a lot smaller, and sometimes that can detract buyers from making an offer. Painting your walls white or a cream along with taking out that dark furniture is another easy way to change up your home for the better, along with making it more appealing to potential buyers. 

Add Some Illusion

Along with avoiding dark furniture, and removing clutter there are other things you  can do in order to make your home seem more inviting, and larger than it actually is. Try to avoid having furniture in your home that just barely fits against a wall or in a specific room. Instead try to only feature the small furniture in your home during the showing process. Placing a low bed near a window can also help create this illusion, you can enhance this look by hanging a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect the outdoors making the room seem even larger. Use light colored bedding on all the beds in the house, beds take up a lot of space in a bedroom and having the bedding a white or cream color, makes the bed blend in more to the light colored walls and expands the bedroom. Also adding vertical shelving and art into the space to make rooms look taller and larger.

Staging your room

Think About The Outdoors

Especially since the pandemic and forced isolation in our homes, outdoor spaces are becoming more prominent in buyers' minds and hold more importance to them. Staging your properties baloneys, porches, front yard and backyard can greatly increase your properties appeal. Plant new flowers, power wash the deck and walkways, make sure your outdoor space is an addition to the house, not an afterthought. If you have a smaller home, this is also a way to make your home seem slightly larger by really incorporating your outdoor space as a separate “room” for you potential buyers to work with.