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Why Location Matters - Benefits of a Good School District when Buying or Selling a Home!

Why Location Matters - Benefits of a Good School District when Buying or Selling a Home!  

Homes in a good school district sell faster in a buyer1s market. Of all the local neighborhood amenities that can influence a buyer's decision to purchase a house, proximity to good quality schools is one of the most influential.

Houses in better school districts usually hold their value more than homes in lower-quality school districts and command higher selling prices. According to, homes near the most desirable schools appreciate 7.2% a year and sell for more than 49% of the national median price. 

You can always remodel, adjust or update your home, but you can never change your location! To find the perfect location for your needs - contact me!  

Your End of Summer Home Project Checklist

End of Summer Home Project Checklist

Fall is quickly approaching – have you completed all your end of summer home projects yet? With cold weather just around the corner, it’s important to make sure that your home is prepped for another winter.

Scheduling an annual service for your Furnace should be at the top of your list! It’s important to make sure that your furnace is ready for the cold winter months by having it inspected and serviced - this can save yourself a lot of money and discomfort if it breaks in the middle of winter.

You’ll want to clean your gutters and check to make sure that the water is draining properly. Clean, tended to gutters will ensure that your home is ready for autumns falling leaves and rain.

Set your Garden up for a successful season next year by weeding and pruning your perennial garden. Trim perennials that have finished blooming down to 4” in height & divide any groups if they are overcrowded or overgrown. This will ensure a lush and healthy garden for the following season!

Set up an appointment with a chimney sweep to have your chimney cleaned. You might not use your fireplace until late fall or winter, but that’s exactly why this is the perfect time to call a chimney cleaning service - they won’t be as busy and you’ll be ready to enjoy a warm fire on the first cold night!

Other projects you'll want to add to your checklist are to clean and store summer gear, trim trees in preparation for winter storms, and locate & block any animal-accessible attic vents. Getting these projects done before the cold weather hits can prevent many issues and allow you to enjoy your home!