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Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

It's often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home! A remodeled kitchen can be a large investment but is something that will last for years to come & improve the value of your home. When making such a large investment you want to be sure that you combine style with functionality & avoid these common mistakes.

Over-Sizing the Island for the Space:

A kitchen island can be a great solution to end all flow & function issues in the kitchen but if you make the island too over-sized for what your space allows then it can take away from the functionality of the space. An island counter top that's 36 to 48 inches deep & 36 to 120 inches wide will provide ample work space & enough room for an overhang for sitting. Anything deeper can be hard to use or clean. You also want to make sure there is at least 42 inches between the island & surrounding cabinets. 

Design for Functionality:

Don’t forget what a kitchen is for & design for functionality of your different work zones. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest styles & trends but remember to design for you & the needs of your family. Important items to remember are the sink, stove, & fridge should be convenient to one another & plenty of counter space for prep work.

Not Maximizing Storage:

Plan for spaces to expand storage & functionality whether that is pull outs for spices & cooking utensils or storage for kitchen appliances. The last thing you want to do is design a beautiful kitchen that doesn’t meet your storage needs that will be costly to alter.


Ideally, a well-designed kitchen should have at least three types of lighting – general overhead lighting, task lighting to focus on illuminating prep areas, & under cabinet lighting to show off & accent your design elements.

Insufficient Electrical Outlets:

Everything that makes your life easier in the kitchen seems to require power – whether it’s an electric can opener, Kitchen Aid, or even smart devices to look up all your favorite recipes. Your going to want multiple outlets all over the kitchen. If you don’t like the appearance of outlets, there are many ways to hide outlets in the island, back splash, under cabinets or even in a drawer!

Forgetting to Plan a Space for Trash

If cabinet space allows, having a cabinet dedicated to trash & recycling pull outs will give your new kitchen a polished look by keeping unsightly garbage tucked away. Ideally, position the trash/recycling in a base cabinet opposite of the sink & dishwasher so that you are able to simply pivot as you scrape & load the dishwasher after meals.


Staging the Exterior of your Home in 5 Simple Steps!

Staging the Exterior of Your Home in 5 Simple Steps! 

If you're considering selling your home this summer, staging is a great way to ensure that you receive top dollar! Many remember to stage the interior of their home but forget the exterior. Failing to stage the exterior can give buyers a bad first impression. Instead, follow these 5 tips to help buyers fall in love at first sight! 

1. Clean your Exterior Windows & Screens

Clean windows & screens give the appearance of a well-maintained home. If windows are caked in dust or muck it can make buyers wonder what other home maintenance jobs haven’t been tended to. Clean windows also allow in more light which will help when staging the interior of your home!

2. Refresh Your Gardens & Walkways

Spend a day removing weeds & trimming flowers or hire a professional landscaper to give your gardens a well-kept look. It’s amazing what a refreshed garden can do to your home’s curb appeal!

3. Refresh Your Home’s Siding

A quick power wash can take away years of dust & grime to give your home a well-cared for & polished look for potential buyers!

4. Update/Clean Door Fixtures & Home Address Signage

Something as simple as a new doorknob or address signage can give your home a refreshed look. Try replacing the face plate, doorknob or address numbers for a clean new look.

5. Clean Patio Furniture

Whether you have chairs by your front entrance or dining furniture on your back porch – try giving your furniture a power wash & new cushions to create a welcoming ambiance that buyers can picture themselves enjoying for years to come.