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Pet Friendly Planning: Tips to Keep Your Home Clean & Safe

Make Your Home Pet Friendly!


We love our pets like family…because they are!  So, why not make sure your home is safe and practical for our furry friends?  Read below for strategies to make your home fit for humans and animals alike!


Decorating inside or outside the home with plants and flowers is a great way to beautify your property.  However, some plants are poisonous to dogs or cats.  Before spending on landscaping or indoor plants, keep in mind safe placement and pet-friendly plants.  The Animal Poison Control Center has a list of plants to avoid and look out for. 

You can check out the list here:


When buying or updating your home it’s important to think about flooring.  Certain types of hardwood can be easily scratched or dented.  Head-to-toe carpet is a recipe for any type of pet stain.  That’s why finding tile, vinyl plank, or harder wood (mahogany or oak) will be your best bet for flooring.  Stone or ceramic tiles are not only easy to clean, but a nice, cool place for your pets to relax in the warmer months!

Fabrics & Décor:

When it’s time to shop for furniture and home décor, focus on three things: fabric, texture, and color.  Whether it’s a textured wall or velvet throw pillows – some materials attract pet fur!  A more practical choice could be leathers or glossed paint.  If you’re committed to a textile that attracts hair, opt for a color similar to your pet, the fur will be less noticeable!


No matter how perfect your furry family member is, there will always be accidents!  Make clean up easier by investing in washable fabrics, stain removers, and a fur-forward vacuum.  The ability to wipe down a couch cushion or put muddy linens in the laundry will save you time and peace of mind.  For larger rugs or hard to clean spaces, make sure you have a quality stain remover to use ASAP.  If you’re beginning to feel like the animal hair is endless, invest in a smart vacuum!  There are models now that can clean while you’re at work or fit into the furriest of knooks and crannies.   


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