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Helpful Gadgets for Your Home: Up Your Tech Game in 2023

Fun and Helpful Tech Gadgets for Your Home


Looking for a fun and easy New Year resolution?  Add “make my home more tech savvy” to your list!  Many of us have smart phones…smart watches…even smart cars, it’s time to add some smart gadgets to your home as well!  Read below for our list of tech updates you can make around your home in 2023.


  • Light Bulbs: Changing out light bulbs is a great place to start your tech adventure!  Smart bulbs save energy and last longer, saving you money.  They can be turned on, off, or dimed with an app on your phone.
  • Thermostat:  Trying to find another way to reduce utility bills?  A connected thermostat can do just that! By tracking your energy use and providing remote access to the device, you can adjust the temperatures to suit the need of your home.  
  • Smart Display: Easily manage and control most, if not all, the smart devices in your home with this helpful screen!  Smart displays can play music, read recipes, and allow you to use voice recognition for easy control of your tech gadgets.



  • Video Doorbell: Was that package delivered?  Who could be at my door?  Get answers to these questions instantly with a video doorbell!  The device keeps your home safe and tracks who’s at your doorstep by sending motion alerts and recordings straight to your phone.
  • Smart Lock: The days of digging for your keys are over!  Install a smart lock to easily enter or lock your doors.  The gadget is especially helpful when hosting, some models allow you to create a personalized code for guests or unlock the door remotely using an app on your phone!
  • Sprinkler: Conserve water and save time with a smart sprinkler.  The device enables you to set watering schedules for different areas of your yard or garden.   What’s our favorite feature?  The sprinkler can also check the forecast for rain and skip its cycle!  


Bonus – Pet Owners:

  • Vacuum: Sick and tired of sweeping up animal hair?  A smart vacuum can solve your woes! Let the device pick up dust and pet hair while you relax or work.  Consider this chore off your list!
  • Pet Camera: We know your pets are a part of the family, so add a pet camera to your gadget list.  Check on dogs or cats with an inside camera that lets you both see and send your furry friends treats remotely!


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