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10 Ways to Prepare your Home for Fall

10 Ways to Prepare your Home for Fall

a beautiful valley in Vermont with autumn foliage

The Autumn season in Vermont is a beautiful time of year. We take out our favorite sweaters and enjoy the leaves changing colors. However, with these changes come colder weather and a new list of home projects. Wondering how you can transition your home for the Fall season? Check out our list of tips and tricks below! 

1. Fertilize your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn before winter will prevent damage and spring weeds.

2. Plant Blubs

The time is now to plant your spring bulbs!  Take your pick – tulips, lilies, daffodils, and more!

3. Clean your Gutters

Prevent clogged gutters by removing debris, leaves, and nests.  Check for leaks too!  Leaving your gutters unattended can lead to water damage in your home.

4. Organize your Garage or Shed

A new season is a perfect time to clean and purge.  Organize your space by taking out the Fall décor and removing the accumulation from summer!

5. Bring in Your Outdoor Furniture

Time to pack away your summer furniture and close the pool.  Store chairs, tables, or pool accessories in your newly decluttered garage or shed!

6. Clean your Fireplace and Chimney

Did you know every 50 burns your fireplace & chimney should be inspected?  Hire a professional to sweep and ensure your fireplace is ready for the winter.   

7. Stock up on Firewood

Whether you cut the wood yourself, or purchase it at a store, it is time to stock up!  Use the wood for the cold, fall days or for a fun campfire with friends.

8. Test your Furnace or Boiler

Haven’t needed to heat your home in a while? Time to make sure your furnace or boiler are working properly before the cold weather hits.

9. Checks for Drafts

Drafts are an indicator that there could be spaces in your home not sealed properly.  Check your home and replace the weather stripping to prevent higher heating bills!

10. Check your Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Replace the batteries then test the alarms and detectors in your home to insure they work properly during the cold months ahead. You should check be checking them once a year, why not now?

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