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Creative Ideas for Trick or Treating

Oh, COVID! Don’t let a pandemic ruin your Halloween fun. We have compiled a list of safe alternatives to the costume-clad kiddos ringing your doorbell. They're so good – you might end up using them year after year!


Table Service

Decorate an extra table laying around the house and set it on your sidewalk or the end of your driveway. The more festive, the better. Set out a big bowl of your favorite individually wrapped treats and let the fun begin! Just remind guests to approach one at a time. This alternative works well - you can either set it and forget it or hang out in your lawn chair and wave hello!


Make a Chute

What better way to serve candy from inside your house then a DIY candy chute! Use whatever you have available for the chute. Sturdy cardboard, PVC pipe, and strong craft rolls will work best for structure - bonus points if it’s see-through. Be sure to decorate it with lights and all your favorite Halloween characters. The kids will have a blast watching the candy fly through the chute!


Turn it into a Game

This one is sure to attract attention! Fire candies or other treats right from your front porch or window. Use whatever you have around, maybe it’s a slingshot, t-shirt cannon, Nerf gun, or all of the above. Whoever gets the most trick or treaters to catch a piece in their buckets wins. Or, make a bullseye in the front yard! Who doesn’t love a little Halloween themed competition?


Candy Delivery

Do you have a remote-control car, drone or even train laying around? Turn your remote-control car into a spider, your drone into a flying bat or your train into a slithering snake. Pack it with fresh batteries and use it to deliver candy! You can distance yourself as much as you’d like with this trick and everyone – kids and adults– is entertained!

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