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Home Projects to Tackle While You're Stuck Inside

Home Projects to Tackle While You're Stuck Inside

While social distancing remains in place & we're all hunkering down, it's normal to start analyzing your space & want a change. Below is a list of easy home improvement projects to help relieve those feelings of cabin fever without visiting stores for non-essential items. It's completely doable to enhance your home without buying anything new. If you're craving a new item, don't forget about online ordering or supporting a local business by ordering curbside pickup. 

1. Spring Cleaning

Take your spring cleaning to the next level & complete the ultimate deep cleaning & declutter project. Move top to bottom—start with your walls and windows and work your way down. Using all-purpose cleaner wipe down crown molding, walls, cupboards, kitchen appliances, and baseboards. Dust blinds & shades & try to wash anything that is machine washable. Lastly, take a vacuum to your vents to suck out any dust that has been gathering. 

2. Focus on One Room at a Time

Give yourself mini-goals to keep yourself motivated focusing on one room at a time! In each room, complete a deep cleaning, decluttering, sorting, purging & organizing. Don't forget about closets, junk drawers, cabinets, bookshelves, paperwork, garage, attic & more! Look for more efficient ways to organize your belongings using baskets, labels, containers to keep your space looking clean. Purging your home of things you no longer use is a great way to declutter.  

3. Create New Spaces or Zones in Your Home

With these changing times - your "day to day" has probably changed quite a bit as well. Use what you have to create spaces to fit your new way of life. Some ideas might include a reading nook, desk or office space, game area, or workout room.   

4. Rearrange Furniture or Decorations

Getting bored of your current space? Rearranging furniture is one of the fastest & easiest ways to refresh your home! Try moving decorations to different rooms or switching up pillows & blankets for a refreshed look.

5. Freshen Up Your Space with New Pillows, Blankets & Rugs

If you have any extra linens - bring them out! Switching to a new duvet cover or throw pillows can give a room a whole new feel. Changing out area rugs can also give a room new look!

6. Upgrade Your Yard

Upgrade your yard, deck, or patio to be a comfortable & functional space. Scrub your outdoor furniture & wash cushions & pillows. Sweep any leaves or debris from your space. Hang outdoor lights or plant flowers to create a new look!

7. Complete Minor Repairs

Spending so much time in your home I'm sure you've noticed minor repairs that need completing & now's a great time! Touch-up paint, fix squeaky doors, tighten fixtures, or replace lightbulbs.



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