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Does Your Home Need A Refresh?


Things are warming up but we still have a few weeks of winter! It might be time to refresh your living spaces to get through the next few months. The list below will give you some ideas, for varying price ranges, to make your home feel renewed.

  • Declutter!
    • It may not be fun but it can make a space feel much lighter, plus it’s a good excuse to buy the cute baskets you saw the other day.
  • Rearrange Your Furniture
    • Move the couch to a different wall or create a reading nook, the possibilities are endless and it only requires a little creativity & elbow grease.
  • New Paint
    • A fresh coat of paint can entirely change the feel of a room. Try Behr’s color of the year – Blueprint, a cool blue great for any space. Behr has also put together a few color palettes (found here) which can help you visual the color in different settings.
    • Make sure to purchase paint with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), this reduces the odor and means you won’t have to have the windows open for long.
  • Wallpaper Accent Wall
    • Not ready to redo a whole room? Start with a wall! Find a wallpaper that you love the color & pattern of and pick one wall to be your accent. It could be the wall where the fireplace is or behind the bed or even the small nook under the stairs.
  • Update Your Accessories
    • Think about adding textures. If you like the colors in your room or want to stick with neutrals you can still add visual interest by switching up the textures of your accessories.
      • For example; add a chunky throw blanket, a knit throw-pillow or a basket for your remotes. These will help breakup the solid colors in the rest of the room.
      • A new area rug is another great option.
  • House Plants
    • Not only are they good for your health they also bring pops of color & texture into a space. Don’t have a green thumb? Try plants like aloe or a snake plant (Sansevieria), they don’t need lots of watering and are quite hardy.
  • New Piece of Furniture
    • If you have the option, get rid of that recliner or table you hate and replace them with something new. This is a good opportunity to add a pop of color to your space.
    • Alternatively, trying painting or recovering a piece of furniture you already have. It’s a chance for a fun DIY project!
  • Statement Art
    • A large piece of art, or a grouping of smaller pieces, can catch the eye and make the room visually interesting. If you have the option try looking for works done by local artists, then your piece can also have a story behind it!

The list above briefly covers just a few ideas, the possibilities are endless. Winter’s still here (and mud season's on the way!) but with a little work & creativity your living spaces can feel fresh and new.