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You're Ready to Sell, But What's the First Step?




So, you’ve decided to sell your home, now it’s time to prepare to list.  The process of selling a home can be quite stressful for all those who are involved, but there are ways to make the process move more smoothly. The list below outlines a few steps you can take that can save time later on.

  1. Clean the House
    1. A clean and orderly house is much easier for realtors to show and for potential buyers to visualize themselves in.
    2. Also, a clean house is a well cared for house. You don’t want the house to seem neglected.
  2. Finish Your To-Do List
    1. On a home inspection report items may cause a red flag that would typically be overlooked. A few of these items to lookout for are listed below:
      1. Change any burnt-out light bulbs
      2. Test your smoke detectors & make sure that they are the correct type (this information can be found in your town’s fire safety code)
      3. All air filters should be replaced
      4. Unclog drains & make sure toilets flush correctly
    2. Those projects that you have been meaning to do can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home.
      1. Try to finish your projects like the room you’ve been meaning to repaint or the carpet that needs to be replaced prior to listing your property.
  3. Check Your Electrical Outlets
    1. A random selection of your outlets will be tested during a home inspection so make sure they are all in working order, make sure they all work ahead of time.
    2. Also, check to make sure they are all up to code. It’s good to consider hiring a licensed electrician as they will be able to make sure that everything is in good working order.
  4. Clear Key Areas
    1. Inspectors will need access to basements & attics as well as the foundation, water heater, HVAC systems and more. These areas can be cleared ahead of time to make the process easier. It also allows potential buyers to get a better look at the house.
  5. Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection
    1. An experienced and professional inspector will be able to go through the home and alert you to any problem areas so that you can fix them and get it out of the way ahead of time. This will make the selling & closing process much smoother in the long run.

Taking the time to prepare ahead of time can streamline the process and reduce stress for everyone involved. Selling a home is an exciting opportunity for change and when you take the steps to properly prepare it makes it all the better.