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Winter Blues Be Gone! Tips on Brightening Up Your Home, Hygge-style.


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As the days grow shorter and the nights get longer our spirits can start to feel dreary. A great way to elevate your mood every day this chilly season is to brighten up the interior of your home. Bringing lightness into your surroundings will bring you cozy comfort during these long winter days. Something that embodies this concept best is Hygge. Hygge, pronounced ‘hue-ga’, is a Danish word for coziness and comfortability that creates a feeling of contentment and well-being. The Danes embody this term well with how they decorate their interiors. Here are a few tips on bringing Hygge into your home this holiday winter season:


Bring the Focus to Your Furniture

You can bring a sense of spaciousness into your rooms by sprucing up your furniture with light-colored slipcovers. This will help your home feel lighter, brighter, and more inviting.


Add Warmth with Soft Textures

Cozy knitted blankets, cuddly throw pillows, and fuzzy faux-fur rugs will help you feel snug all winter long.


Candles, Candles, Candles!

The soft flicker of candlelight will immediately illicit the feeling of warmth. Stock up on candles and keep them lit in the evening time to wind down and feel serene.


Embrace Nature

Adding a few houseplants to any room will increase your overall well-being. Bringing some greenery inside can help elevate your outlook, especially when the outside world looks like a drab tundra at best!


Keep it Simple

Eliminating extra clutter will create more space and enable peace of mind. You don’t have to do a lot to bring more comfort and brightness into your home. A few touches here and there will bring you the contentment Hygge offers.

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