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Spring Cleaning in a Breeze

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After a bitterly cold winter it’s time to come out of hibernation and start spring cleaning! Your house or apartment is always in need of a good cleanse during this season. The problem is finding the energy and availability to dive right in and get it done. Don’t put aside a whole weekend dedicated to cleaning. Instead follow these helpful tips to make your experience quick and easy. Once you know it you’ll have your home feeling as fresh as spring and clutter-free!

Check List: 

It is vital to make a game plan before you take on and tackle your entire house. You should jot down some notes throughout the day to help yourself remember what needs to be done. The trick is to make clearing out junk and decluttering your space a priority. Don’t focus on mopping the floors as much as putting away winter items. Also, try and break it down by each room.  This will help you stay organized and on task when you begin the cleaning process.


We all have that one table or chair that we mindlessly throw anything on when coming and going. Hang up all jackets and coats. If you have a bunch of change laying around get a decorative jar to keep it in.

Junk Mail: 

Recycle all your junk mail, magazines, and catalogs. Getting rid of the clutter will really open up a room.


 We all know the struggle of overflowing plastic containers in our kitchen cabinets. Over the holiday season we seem to accumulate more Tupperware than necessary. Typically, half of them are missing their matching lids, which have vanished into thin air, somehow. Toss all the containers with unmatched tops or bottoms. Then proceed to stack the rest neatly in 1 drawer or cabinet of your choosing. Give away any remaining containers that won’t fit easily in the available space.

Freshen Fridge Door: 

Clean out all condiments that you have been stockpiling from your side fridge door. Check expiration dates and throw away anything that is no longer good. Once you’re done, take the remaining bottles and wipe them off with a wet rag. Clean the fridge door as well before returning the items to their proper place.

Bath Products:

 Start by removing all the products out of your shower. Throw away the empty bottles or ones you haven’t used in a while. Go through the rest and wipe off before putting it back neatly. Do the same for your medicine cabinet, if you have one.

Storage Units: 

Swap out all your summer/spring clothing from storage and replace it with all your winter items. Get all your heavy coats, gloves, boots, and sweaters out of the way. This will really help clear out space in your closets and dressers. While you’re doing this, you should also to go through all your clothes and sort through each item. Anything you haven’t worn in over a year you should get rid of or donate.


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