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Winter Maintenance Tips

Vermont winters are notorious for our annual snowfall and winter sports. It is the best time of the year, while also the most stressful. The snow and cold can wreak havoc on our daily lives, especially for those who are homeowners. To help you out with the common stresses winter can cause here are some maintenance tips to help you along.

Don’t Forget about Your Yard: Even though landscaping is not a concern during the colder months of the year there is upkeep to take care of. The number one rule is to always make sure to clear snow and ice from walkways, porches, stairs, and the driveway. Also, your gutters should be cleared of any leaves or other debris. This will help the rain and melting snow drain properly.

Keep Foyer/ Entryway Clean & Clear: If you don’t have a mudroom in your home put out a matt for people to take their shoes or boots off when entering. Keeping a clear entrance, without anyone tracking in the snow and salt from outside, will make it easier for you to keep the rest of your home clean.

Blocking Household Drafts: Removing any window units, such as air conditioners or fans, is an obvious way to keep out the chilly air. If you do not have the ability to remove the air condition, due to no available storage space, you can always seal your entire window. This will get rid of any drafts and make it easier on you in the spring. Blocking drafts will also help you reduce your energy costs.

Prevent Unwanted Guests: Repair any crakes or holes within your home. Doing this will prevent rodents such as, squirrels or mice, from getting inside your warm home and out of the cold.

Regular Chimney Cleaning: Having a working fireplace during the brutally cold winter is a great way to make your home feel nice and cozy. Even though chimneys are great to have, you need to make sure to keep up with the maintenance. It’s typical to get a chimney cleaned at least once every two years. Having your chimney professionally swept will prevent build up and decrease the risk of causing a fire in your home.

Outside Water Sources: Make sure to shut off all exterior water sources. Most people forget about this essential tip, especially new home owners, but it is vital to remember. Once the faucets are properly turned off make sure to drain any lines to prevent water from freezing and causing any pipes to burst.

Keep Door Locks from Sticking: It seems that nothing works right in extreme cold, including door locks. If you have ever gotten stuck outside in the freezing cold unable to open your door it’s because locks tend to stick in low temperatures. This is one problem we have all faced one time or another, but it’s easy enough to prevent by just spraying the exterior lock with powdered–graphite lubricant.

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