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Why You Should Sell Your Vermont Home this Winter

  • Thinking about waiting till the spring to sell your Burlington or Vermont home? Think again, the winter provides a different market which provides some great reasons for taking action now! Here are some great reasons not to wait until the spring from Neighborhood Real Estate:


    • Less competition: there is less inventory in the winter because of the very people who are all waiting until the spring to list, therefore less competition. This gives your listing a wonderful advantage.
    • Higher price points: less competition can often correlate with better selling price and terms! You are more likely to catch buyers in a "bidding war" when there are less homes on the market.
    • Corporate Relocations: Historically in the first 2 months of the year relocations for corporations are high, which equals motivated buyers. Because they are encouraged to move quickly and start their new positions as soon as possible. Which makes these buyers focused, ready and willing, to make an offer on the spot! 
    • Lower Interest Rates: currently you can lock in an interest rate around the 4% range, which is historically low.
    • Winter can bring out the best: Most homes show and stage better in the cold winter months. Holiday decor and cozy fireplaces add to the ambiance and cozy feeling of your home.
    • Serious Buyers: Buyers who are taking the time to brave the winter weather or busy holiday time are often very serious, and are usually pre-qualified and motivated to make a decision.
    • Timing your new home purchase: if you do choose to list and sell your home in the beginning of the year and are looking to buy you will then be ready and available for the first pick of the spring market inventory. Especially if you need to sell to buy.
    • Quicker Transactions: Attorneys, lenders and home inspectors will be less busy and have less to process during the winter months compared to the spring. Which, for you, will mean a quicker transaction and less stress when trying to close.
  • Regardless when you do decide it's time to sell your home it is important to understand the real estate market so you can make the best decision. Check out some of our other helpful Vermont real estate selling tips and resources. For more information about the Vermont real estate market or about selling your home, contact Geri or an agent today!