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Home Improvement Projects Anyone Can Accomplish!

DIY repairs and projects around the house don't have to be a hassle! Here are a few projects anyone can tackle via!

  • Kitchen first - take a look around at what can be switched out easily such as knobs - trade them out for more modern styles that go with your current kitchen decor
  • Next take a look at your windows, replace your own blinds with a newer modern looking adornment that complements your rooms color scheme.
  • A simple coat of fresh paint can change the look of any room instantly! Think about what colors you want to incorporate but also think about your existing decor, unless you're looking to do a total re-design!
  • Now think outside the house! How is your curb appeal? eHow suggests some simple low-maintenance tasks such as power washing your driveway, adding mulch and low-maintenance plants, and updating pavers for the walkway.
  • Think about replacing your old bathroom & kitchen tile. This one sounds complicated but its so easy to do yourself! And this way you can get creative and use different types/sizes/designs! The possibilities are endless.
  • Probably one of the quickest and cheapest ways to change the look of any room is to rearrange your furniture! There are many ways to create the most ideal as well as comfortable setting.
  • Last but not least replace old lighting in your home. Incorporate updated lamps instead of overhead light fixtures. Replace low watt bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs!


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