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DIY Haunted House

Its time to get into the Halloween spirit. Whether your hosting a costume party or just awaiting the ghoulish trick-or-treaters creating a haunted house is a fun way to showcase your Halloween spirit and home!

Scope: A DIY haunted house can be simple or elaborate, whatever you're up for! A few scary props can do the trick or you can go all out and give your guests a Hollywood style haunted house.

Location: If your home is not large and roomy enough to hold all the props you need it may be worth while to move the haunting outdoors!

Plan: Once you've picked your location its time to create a plan by drawing up a a map of the proposed haunted house. Laying out where props will be placed and figuring out what props you may need to build, measurements, etc!

Props: Part of the fun of creating your own haunted house is choosing props! Some to consider include fog machines, smoking cauldrons, coffins, sound effects, spider webs, prop tombstones, wigs & masks, black lights, and of course plenty of jack-o-lanterns!!

Decorations: Now its time to set the mood for your haunted house, using lighting, candles, and music are some ways to set the proper mood. Also think about some food items and creations that can quickly become scary!

Dressing Up: Dressing in costume is what will make the whole haunted house experience a great deal more effective and fun!

Now think about how you're going to show off your spooky hard work. Host a costume party, invite the neighborhood families over for some Halloween themed games. Have fun with it! Read more here!

Last but not least, don't forget the following important safety tips while decorating!

  • Avoid candles and live flames in your Halloween decoration, instead replace them with LED or battery operated candles!
  • If you are putting up Halloween lights, make sure that all electric cables are safely out of the way of prying little hands!
  • Since flickering and darkness are such a large part of Halloween, it could be difficult to see very clearly. Keep the area around your home clutter free!
  • Check your porch lights or entry lights beforehand to make sure they are fully functional in order to keep the area around your entry brightly lit to prevent accidents.
  • If you are hosting a Halloween party for children inside your home, put away all the breakable stuff.

Happy Halloween!

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