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The Real Estate Love Letter

Most business transactions do not have a place for emotional expression. Especially in real estate, a good poker face is essential for maintaining a professional, efficient process and working out a deal that will turn out in your favor. But whether you're a buyer or seller, pulling on some heartstrings at the right time and in the right way can go a long way in securing a deal. Enter the Real Estate Love Letter.


The Buyer Love Letterhouse_love_letter.03

The Real Estate Love Letter can be used to appeal to either side of a real estate transaction. The most common use for buyers is when there are multiple offers on a home or when you cannot offer as sweet a deal as a seller may be hoping for. A buyer's love letter is submitted with an offer and should briefly explain why you want the home and outline the kind of life you envision your family having there. An effective Love Letter will explain how this particular home fits with your life, career and plans for the future, and it is not too forward to include pictures of your family, dog, dream garden, etc. Why is this home perfect for you? When considering multiple, similar offers a Buyer Love Letter helps to humanize you and make a connection with the seller in a very meaningful way so that they feel they are leaving their beloved home in the hands of someone who will continue to take care of it and enjoy all it has to offer with their own family.

The Seller Love Letter

On the other end is the Seller Love Letter. This is made available to potential buyers as early as the first showing and is a great way to show the buyer all that the home and neighborhood offers from the perspective of someone who has really explored its potential in addition to adding a "warm fuzzy feeling" to your home. Include little known details about the house like your favorite spot to lay in the sun, how great the island is for making cookies with your kids (feLove letterel free to include pictures!) and upgrades you've made that have been especially helpful to you. It's also not wrong to take the opportunity to detail any major work that needs to be done to the home, here you have all the space you need to make the buyer feel more comfortable about taking on the challenge.

Equally important is information on what is external to the home. Tell buyers about your neighbors, perks of being in the neighborhood like block parties and walking trails, your favorite neighborhood vendors, restaurants and the names and numbers of your housekeepers, gardener or favorite local contractor. Get creative, it's fun to talk about all the things that have made your time there so enjoyable!

The Real Estate Love Letter is a wonderful way to connect with a person in what is usually a faceless and emotionless transaction and it can go a long way in helping you secure the home of your dreams or selling your home quickly and to someone who will happily appreciate it.

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