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Optimize Your Website

For anyone with a website or blog, ranking within the first few pages of Google and other search engines can seem like an arduous and sometimes impossible task. Yet it's just what you need to be seen and heard. Lucky for us there are hoards of search engine specialists out there working to crack the secret code of ranking. Here are a few FREE sites designed to evaluate and help you improve your ranking while also improving the overall quality of your site. - A very simple one-page website where you type in your URL and up pops valuable information about your site like coding and structural data, identifying any errors and providing Google rank, load time and link popularity. - Truly a one-stop shop for information about your site. Just click on "100 Web Tools" at the top of the page and you will be provided with instant access to numerous data-generating programs that will allow you to check your Google rank, create social bookmark links, check the age of your domain, check for broken links and identify your competition, among many other things. - Tells you the load time of your site based on any location you specify, which helps you to quickly identify any glitch in your site. - Similar to but with cooler graphics, this site also tests the load time of your page by location going a step further to also test the quality of your bandwidth, gather broadband statistics and saves the data it collects so you can compare it to future performance. - Shows you how your site looks from different browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) so you can be sure that anyone viewing it is getting  the best picture and performance possible.