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Taking Advantage of Fall to Prepare for Winter

Sad but true: It is again time to say goodbye to summer's nurturing embrace. Though it's easy to get caught up in all the fall has to offer - leaf peeping, cider festivals, corn mazes, and so much more - it is important not to waste the opportunity to prepare your home before more challenging winter weather sets in. Here are a few simple things you can do right now.

Check Your Heating System

Though still only a distant memory, the time will come when you will need this to be in tip top shape! Have a heating and cooling specialist inspect your filters - they probably need changing - and vents if you use gas heat. Clogged vents could mean carbon monoxide poisoning down the road. Furnaces can also pose a carbon monoxide threat so have them inspected to prevent this as well as to be sure they will be ready for action when those chilly nights hit. Baseboard heating systems need to be checked as well, and if you plan to go away for part of the winter be sure to perform an injection of anti-freeze solution to prevent freezing when they are not in use.

Prepare Your Lawn

Cold winter months mean your lawn won't be getting the attention it needs, so make up for it by fertilizing, aerating and mowing now. Bare patches should be overseeded from now until mid-October, and attack that weed problem before the first frost to have a more manageable lawn come spring. Also be sure to trim back trees that could potentially fall on your roof when weighted down with all that snow!



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Mind Your Pipes

Bursting pipes is one of the most frustrating and common winter weather struggles. Insulate any exposed plumbing pipes and drain your air conditioning pipes. Shut off the water valve to your AC if possible.

Insulate For Warmth

To prevent high heating costs use weatherstripping around your windows and doors. Switch out screens for storm windows or even take this opportunity to buy new energy efficient windows or install premium insulation and claim a tax credit.

Inspect Your Roof

It may be perilous but now is the time to catch that loose shingle or small crack, which can lead to water leaks once the harsh weather hits. Prevent more costly repairs down the road by giving your roof a semi-annual once over.

The moral of the story is that employing simple preventative measures now can save you a lot of unnecessary spending and headaches as we inevitably enter the harsher winter months. Now is the perfect time to address potential issues so you can enjoy the beautiful fall scenery and greet winter worry-free!