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Spray Painting Lawns Green??!!

While watching the national news last night, I saw a segment on foreclosures in California and how one company's business is up because of them. Greener Grass Company from Stockton, CA spray paints dead, brown lawns with a water soluble green paint that lasts for 3-4 months.  The company is typically hired by real estate agents who list properties that have been repossessed by banks, but is sometimes hired by the city when foreclosures become a code enforcement issue.  I found this story very interesting because it certainly is a quick, affordable and very creative idea to give an unsightly property a little bit more "curb appeal".  Not quite sure if The Reilly Team would ever hire anyone to paint the dead lawn of any of our listings, but then again Vermont doesn't face the drought and foreclosure problems that California does. Besides there isn't much green on Vermont's lawns today - it finally started snowing!!!

For the complete story: "That's Fake Green on Foreclosure Lawns"

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