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The Election and Lunch

The election is finally over! As we all know Obama prevailed. I try not to sway too far one way or another when it comes to politics nor do not discriminate against supporters of any party - I'm happy to represent, list property for or show houses to Democrats, Republicans, Independents - whomever! Hopefully under the leadership of Obama, our national economy will now start to turn back around - especially the housing market. The Vermont real estate market hasn't been hit like the rest of the U.S., but it certainly has slowed down and prices have dropped. The mortgage rates? Well they change daily! Last I knew they were holding strong around 6%. I will know more later when I have lunch with our favorite mortgage broker, Nick Parent from Spruce Mortgage. Nick is taking the Reilly Team to Leunig's Bistro on Church Street in downtown Burlington today. The highlight of our day - free lunch! We just love it when mortgage brokers take us Realtors out to lunch! Thanks in advance Nick! Thanks in advance to Obama as well!

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