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Quick Roof Repairs Before Winter

This is a simple project that will make your roof look more attractive to prospective buyers if you're thinking of selling your home. And even if you're not, it will still increase the value of your home. If you got a few damaged shingles, it's probably best to replace them before winter - especially if you live in Vermont where we easily get several feet of snow each season! You could call a repair man, but with the economy the way it is now, it might be a good choice to try the project yourself and save a few hundred dollars. It's easier than you think! First, remove old shingles with a prybar by inserting the bar underneath each shingle until you break the seal. Then remove all old shingle nails by inserting the prybar underneath each nail and gently tapping the bar with a hammer until the nail pops out. Be careful not to the damage the roofing felt underneath the shingles. After you've removed all of the old shingles, you can start placing the new ones on. Simply nail the new shingles to the roof; a three tab row of shingles should take approximately eight nails. Place a small amount of roofing sealant over each nail as an effort to keep water out. Now your roof will look great and you can save the indoor projects for this Winter! Stay tuned for more ready to sell home tips...

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