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Selling Your House in a Sellers Market? Here's Some Staging Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out Above the Rest.

Getting your home picture perfect ready takes more than cleaning the counters, organizing your living room space, making the bed, vacuuming and picking up the backyard. With today’s market it's more important than ever to make sure you stage your home in order for it to stand out amongst the other homes on the market. The right staging can boost your homes showing, people's interest in your home, and inevitably get you a higher buying price on your home. Keep reading to find out why staging is a critical piece of selling your home, and some easy tips to help get your home sold.

Clean and white living room- staging your home

What is a Sellers Market?

Simply put a sellers market is when there is a higher demand of homebuyers looking for a new home then there are houses listed on the market. This normally equates to higher home prices, and more cut throat bidding wars for homes. This is the time period where the home sellers have the upper hand on how much they get for their home, and some aren't afraid to wait for the perfect offer. 

A Staged Home Results in Better Photos

Your listing photos are what makes your home stand out above the others when people are scrolling through real estate websites. A new listing tends to get three times the views in its first week of being live on the market, and 85% of buyers say that photos are the most important aspect that draw them into being interested in looking and purchasing a home. In short, your listing photos are a first impression and it’s important that sellers do what they can to obtain the best listing photos possible. 

Depersonalize So Your Buyers Can Visualize

It’s hard for people to buy a home if they can’t see themselves living within the home during the initial showing. Make sure to take down any personal photos or possessions off the wall, countertops and shelving. It’s hard for potential buyers to see themselves in your space and purchase your home when they feel like they are viewing someone else's home obviously it is but, when selling you want to try to avoid that feeling. Make it easy for the potential buyers to envision their family photos and personal items up on the wall and shelving while viewing your home. It also helps if you declutter your home, take down any fixtures or any other items of décor that aren't necessary. This further allows them to envision their belongings in the living spaces instead of yours, when there are less items in the room it make is much easier to do so.  The more an individual can envision their personal items in your home and where they might put them, the more they are inclined to make an offer.

Organize your furniture

Make It a Home

It’s important to evoke that feeling of “home” for your potential buyers as they walk through your house. Staging a home with more modern and clean furniture and accessories can do so much for your home's appearance and overall appeal to potential buyers. Try to move your furniture around your home, if you don’t have the money to invest in a few new items to help the sale. It sometimes can be as easy as moving some furniture around your home into different locations to give your home a cleaner and revamped vibe. 

Avoid Dark Colors and Future In Your Home

It’s best to avoid dark paints, and furniture when staging your home for marketing purposes. Darker colors can make a space look a lot smaller, and sometimes that can detract buyers from making an offer. Painting your walls white or a cream along with taking out that dark furniture is another easy way to change up your home for the better, along with making it more appealing to potential buyers. 

Add Some Illusion

Along with avoiding dark furniture, and removing clutter there are other things you  can do in order to make your home seem more inviting, and larger than it actually is. Try to avoid having furniture in your home that just barely fits against a wall or in a specific room. Instead try to only feature the small furniture in your home during the showing process. Placing a low bed near a window can also help create this illusion, you can enhance this look by hanging a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect the outdoors making the room seem even larger. Use light colored bedding on all the beds in the house, beds take up a lot of space in a bedroom and having the bedding a white or cream color, makes the bed blend in more to the light colored walls and expands the bedroom. Also adding vertical shelving and art into the space to make rooms look taller and larger.

Staging your room

Think About The Outdoors

Especially since the pandemic and forced isolation in our homes, outdoor spaces are becoming more prominent in buyers' minds and hold more importance to them. Staging your properties baloneys, porches, front yard and backyard can greatly increase your properties appeal. Plant new flowers, power wash the deck and walkways, make sure your outdoor space is an addition to the house, not an afterthought. If you have a smaller home, this is also a way to make your home seem slightly larger by really incorporating your outdoor space as a separate “room” for you potential buyers to work with.