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Vermont's Rich Literary Culture and Its Bookshops

In the heart of New England, the state of Vermont paints a vivid picture of beautiful landscapes, harmonious communities, and a deeply ingrained appreciation for the arts and literature. Known for its covered bridges, robust maple syrup production, and a tapestry of lush mountains and scenic vistas, Vermont is more than just a place to reside – it's a lifestyle steeped in tradition.

Among the hidden gems that add charm and character to Vermont's rich cultural fabric are its independent bookshops. These small yet vibrant establishments echo the intellectual vigor and community spirit that has become synonymous with Vermonters. While modern advancements in technology threaten the brick-and-mortar bookstore experience globally, in Vermont, the love for independent bookshops continues to flourish.

In recent years, this celebration of literature and community has found an unexpected but highly appreciated ally in the real estate sector. Geri Reilly Real Estate, one of Vermont's leading real estate companies, is at the forefront of promoting and preserving the culture that makes Vermont unique.


Picture of Crow Bookshop storefront in Burlington, VT.


Independent Bookshops: The Heart and Soul of Vermont

The independent bookshops of Vermont are not merely stores but gathering places where literature is celebrated, conversations sparked, and creativity inspired. From the historic charm of Crow Bookshop in Burlington to the unique fusion of books and vinyl at Speaking Volumes Books, each shop tells a story and reflects the rich cultural diversity of the region.

These bookshops are essential parts of the local landscape, encouraging reading and learning, hosting events, and providing a welcoming space for all. They are instrumental in preserving and enhancing the literary tradition, a core aspect of Vermont's identity.


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We're Your Gateway to Vermont Living

In the picturesque settings of Vermont, owning land or property is not merely a transaction but a doorway to a unique lifestyle. Geri Reilly Real Estate, with its extensive portfolio of land and property across the state, has been at the forefront of this experience.

Offering everything from sprawling countryside estates to cozy townhouses, we connect buyers with the ideal space to call home and help sellers navigate the housing market to get a maximum return on their investment. Our expertise extends to commercial properties, offering opportunities for entrepreneurs, including those in the literary field, to contribute to Vermont's thriving community culture.

Vermont has long been a haven for writers and artists, its stunning landscapes and vibrant communities serving as inspiration for many. Here's a look at some of the most famous Vermont authors, who have not only enriched the literary world but also added to the cultural fabric of the state:

1. Robert Frost (1874–1963)

Perhaps one of the most celebrated poets in American history, Robert Frost made his home in Vermont for many years. His poetry, often centered around rural life and landscapes, reflects the beauty and complexity of Vermont's nature. His famous works like "The Road Not Taken" and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" are enduring classics.

2. John Irving (b. 1942)

Although not born in Vermont, John Irving has strong connections to the state, having graduated from the University of Vermont. He's best known for novels like "The World According to Garp" and "The Cider House Rules," with his works often exploring complex relationships, societal issues, and moral dilemmas.

3. Howard Frank Mosher (1942–2017)

A Vermont resident for much of his life, Howard Frank Mosher was renowned for his novels inspired by the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. His books, such as "Where the Rivers Flow North" and "A Stranger in the Kingdom," are rich in regional flavor and character, painting a vivid picture of life in rural Vermont.

Are you looking to explore more about Vermont's literary scene or interested in finding your dream property with Geri Reilly Real Estate? Feel free to reach out, and let's journey together into the heart of what makes Vermont so special. View our newest listings!