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Blog :: 11-2008

Do you think the Obamas will need a Realtor?

On the front page of today's Burlington Free Press was an article about the Obamas first visit as a family to their soon-to-be new home, the White House. While President George Bush and the President-elect talked politics, specifically the economy and foreign policy,  Laura Bush gave Michelle Obama a grand tour of the historic residence and talked about raising children in the White House. The Obamas got a sneek peek at the Lincoln Bedroom, the president's office in the residence and of course, the Oval Office. This article got us thinking about the property value of the White for fun, we attempted to figure out the value. Of course not having access to the MLS system in Washington, D.C., calculating a full market analysis would be impossible! So instead, we used a handy tool on's home page called "What's Your Home Worth?" After typing in the infamous address, results were less than helpful as there was no market data available for that or any home on Pennsylvania Avenue! So then it got us thinking about the Obamas home in Chicago, it's value, and of course who might they hire as a Realtor! We Googled (this should be a legit verb now) for the Obamas address and plugged it into the home value tool. The data that came up, included neighboring homes on the market as well as recent sales. Homes on the Obama's Greenwood Avenue were selling in the $800,000 range. Do you think they'll need a  referral to a Coldwell Banker agent in Chicago? Fun and interesting stuff! :)

Bright Ideas for Better Home Lighting

Whether your selling you're home or not, here are a few ideas to create better ambiance and brighten up your home. If it is on the market, you definitely want to make sure your home is well lit inside and out when showing it to prospective buyers. Check that all bulbs are working and replaced with the appropriate wattage for the room. For smaller rooms, place lamps in the corners of the rooms to help open up the space and make it appear larger. Lights pointed towards the ceiling are known as "up-lights" and help illuminate architectural features like crown molding or arched windows and doors. Also, don't forget to clean chandeliers and light fixtures - taking care to remove all bugs, dirt and fingerprints! Yuck! It's best to use halogen lighting in kitchen and dining areas. The natural white light makes food look more appealing and appetizing. Consider florescent bulbs for hard to reach fixtures. They are more energy efficient and last much longer than incandescent bulbs. Installing dimmer switches for your overhead lighting will give you enormous flexibility to alter the mood and appearance of a room. And don't forget the driveway and outdoor door lights either! Illuminating outdoor paths and porches is not only great for safety, but makes these areas very attractive. Use solar powered lights to save energy and eliminate the need for complicated wiring.

In addition, CFC light bulbs are a great choice because they are known to significantly reduce energy costs. So if you're in the market for them and live in Vermont's Chittenden County, you can purchase them at our local co-op grocery store, City Market. Last I knew they were priced at $0.99 each! For more energy saving tips, you can visit Burlington Electric's website.