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10 Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale!


10 Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale!


1.      First Impressions are most important, make your front door and home entrance inviting - this will set the tone for potential buyers as they view the rest of the home.


2.      Keep your home free from over-powering scents and smells. Pay attention to pet odors and clean the fridge regularly, it helps to burn pleasant smelling candles or put out fresh flowers before showings.


3.      Avoid extreme paint colors and themes. Neutral colors leave buyers with less work to do if they buy the house. Most potential buyers love the move-in ready feel!


4.      Take down photographs on the fridge or mantel. They may cloud a potential buyers ability to picture themselves in the house.


5.      Small home repairs should be taken care of before you list your home, even if they look like small repairs, buyers may be turned off by the idea that there are too many things to fix.


6.      Over-crowded closets may give the illusion that your home doesn't have enough storage space. Make sure your closets and drawers are clutter-free.


7.      Remove some of your furniture to help your home appear more spacious. Store excess furniture in your garage or consider investing in a storage unit to temporarily store large items that are just collecting dust!


8.      Think about your current curb appeal. First looks and impressions are vital, buyers often drive by before scheduling a showing. Keep your lawn and pathways maintained.


9.      Replace outdated hardware on your cabinets or replace outlet covers for a new, updated look.


10.  You may get last minute showing requests from motivated and interested buyers. Keep your home clean at all times for any last minute showings!