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How To Negotiate A Home Sale

The Seller's Dream

That there is a buyer for their house who will pay full asking price while at the same time overlook the mold in the basement, the leaky pipes, and the cracked paint on the walls.

The Buyer's Dream

That the seller of their dream home will sell at 50% less than appraisal value while at the same time pay to get rid of the mold in the basement, hire a plumber to fix the leaky pipes, and take a week off from work to paint the walls.


Both buyers and sellers need to approach transactions with an open mind and be willing to negotiate.It is imperative that they "choose their battles" and compromise so that they can both achieve their more important goals.

An experienced real estate agent is no stranger to negotiation.Often times during a transaction, the buyers and sellers become too emotionally involved. Savvy real estate agents act as third-party intermediaries in transactions and they can more effectively allow both parties to get what they want without being dragged through emotional roller coasters.

A skilled real estate agent also knows how to sniff out the important issues in the negotiating phase.For example, a seller might vocalize that they are unwilling to pay the closing costs for a transaction. The real estate agent can use this information as a bargaining chip. They would consult with the buyer and then say to the seller, "OK". The buyer will be happy to pay the closing costs, but you need to lower the price.

Great real estate agents are trained negotiators. They have a talent of being able to listen closely and figure out what it is that people want. They are then able to bargain for whatever it is their clients want.

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