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Moving Checklist

When it's time to move, here are a few things to be sure you take care of.

  • Notify of change of address:
  • Give the post office a forwarding address.
  • Charge accounts and credit cards.
  • Magazine subscriptions: generally requires several weeks notice.
  • Family and friends.
  • Bank: open new account in new location and transfer funds.
  • Insurance: obtain health, fire, auto. Change address for life insurance policies.
  • Cars: register in new state, notify bank regarding car loans. Register for driver's license, city windshield sticker, motor club membership. Check online.
  • Utility companies: gas, light, water, telephone, fuel oil. Refund deposits if possible. Arrange service in new town.
  • Notify delivery and other services: newspaper, garbage collection, etc.
  • School: get copies of children's records.
  • Doctors, dentists: get copies of records and ask for referrals.
  • Other organizations: transfer memberships, update records.
  • Pets: apply for licenses, update vaccinations, tags, etc.

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