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Getting Ready For an Open House

First impressions are very important. When you’re preparing for an open house, you’ll want to make sure that your home looks its best and is attractive to prospective buyers. Here are some helpful tips that will help lead to a successful open house:

Home Improvements

  1. Curb Appeal: Presentation is important. Make sure the landscaping looks nice and the lawn is cleaned up.
  2. Painting & Windows: Get out the paintbrush or hire a professional painter and get those problem areas touched up as needed. It’s amazing how fresh paint can revitalize a room or wall. Pay close attention to your windows as well. Paint the eves and window sills as needed. If you think that the exterior of your house may need to be painted, check with your Realtor to see what they think. If your Realtor thinks it would be a good idea, start getting estimates.
  3. Cleaning Up: Clean like you’ve never cleaned before! Pay close attention to windows, drapery, floors, countertops, cupboards, stoves, sinks, and bathrooms. Your house can never be “too clean”. A sparkling house is an appealing house.
  4. Improvements & Replacements: Fix or replace broken tiles, replace light bulbs, and pay attention to even the little things such as making sure the doorbell works. Contact a professional if you think you might need help with the improvements.

Home Décor & Presentation

  1. Tidy Up: Get rid of the clutter. Start packing up collectables and knick-knacks. If you have several books lying around, try to thin them out. Books look great on bookshelves but not so great in piles. Organize.
  2. Staging: Arrange your furniture so people can see the possibilities your home has to offer. Make sure the rooms look as spacious as possible.
  3. Welcoming Detail: Put out fresh fruit, potpourri, or fresh flowers. If you want, bake cookies or bread for your guests. This will not only make a lasting impression, but it will make the house smell good as well.

Open House Success

If you have any questions about preparing for your open house, invite your Realtor over first so they can give you feedback and suggestions. Let your Realtor answer most of the questions at the open house and always be polite to the guests. These tips should help to create lasting impressions in the prospective buyers’ minds.

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