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Special Financing Circumstances

If any of the following circumstances apply to you, please read what will be required from you when applying for a loan.

Self-Employed Person: If you are self-employed, the lenders will require you to provide profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and your 1040s with Schedule C for the past two years. The profit and loss statements, as well as the balance sheets, need to be signed and dated by you and your accountant.

Person Employed by a Relative: If you are employed by a relative, the lenders will require you to provide 1040s for the past two years and a year-to-date pay stub.

Person Claiming any of the Following Forms of Income: social security payments, retirement payments, welfare or disability income, verification will be needed. An example of verification would be an award letter or copy of a latest check.

Person who was Unemployed or a Full Time Student: If you have missed work during the past two years, you will be required to provide a statement explaining the reason for the unemployment along with the dates that you were out. If you were a full time student, you need to provide a copy of your school transcript for that period of time. U.S.

Savings Bonds Owner: If you own U.S. Savings Bonds and list them as assets, prepare and organize a list of all the bonds including their serial numbers and face value.

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