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Finding That Just Right House

Have you really thought long and hard about what kind of house you need?

Sometimes buyers focus on one element of their dream house and forget that change is inevitable. Because we never know what to expect it's good to stay flexible and plan, as much as possible, for contingencies.

For instance, right now you might have children in high school and need a house with lots of bedrooms. In a few years you might find yourself with an empty nest and suddenly realize that you'd rather spend your time traveling than gardening. If that's the case, think about the home you buy in terms of resale and consider financing options that make sense for your scenario.

Or you might be just starting out and think that a one-bedroom condo is all you need. A more flexible plan might be to consider two-bedroom condos or small houses; you can rent a room to a roommate now and have room to grow if you start a family.

So as you sit down to discuss what kind of house you want and what features are important, think about your needs now and then think about what your needs might be in a few years. The answers might surprise you and they may come in handy in discussions with your real estate agent.

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