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Applying for a Mortgage

Contract (Purchase Agreement)

Remember this must be signed by ALL parties to the contract, including spouses.

Employment History

You will need a record of all your employers during the previous two years, including names, addresses, and phone numbers. Bring Social Security numbers for you and your spouse, as well as Form DD214 if you have been a member of the military during the previous two years.

Income Records

Bring copies of your W2 forms for the previous two years and of your pay stubs for the previous month.

Closing Cash and Down Payment

To show that you have sufficient resources, bring copies of bank statements for the previous three months, including checking accounts, saving accounts, and any CDs or other cash assets.


You’ll also need to show the names, addresses, and account numbers of all your creditors (credit cards, auto loans, students loans, etc.) and current balances and payments.

Home Ownership

Bring a copy of your current loan statements for any real estate you currently own, including addresses for all mortgage holders.


Bring your checkbook and be ready to pay any application fees required. Ask your loan officer or broker to tell you the amount. 

To apply for a mortgage now, we recommend contacting Nick Parent at the Vermont Mortgage Company. Visit them on the web at

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