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Hello, below you can find a collection of our Youtube videos that cover different topics of real estate. 


Buying or Selling a Home in 2024?


Get ready for a deep dive into the future of real estate! In this video, we tackle the hot topic of the 2024 housing market and dispel the myths surrounding predictions of an impending crash. While speculation runs high, we turn to the data to provide a balanced perspective on what the future truly holds for homeowners and potential buyers. Join us as we navigate through the uncertainties and uncover the insights you need to stay informed in the ever-evolving housing landscape.


Redfin: Home Price Will DROP in 2024!


A look into the 2024 Redfin housing market predictions for 2024. In this video I discuss Redfin's predictions for the 2024 housing market, my opinion about their predictions, and what you can expect for the 2024 housing market. Licensed Realtor at Geri Reilly Real Estate